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Affiliate network has affiliate programs. Another term on affiliate networks is affiliate marketing. The market for this type of solution is growing at a rate of about 10 percent per year.


The main task of affiliate networks is to open new channels for selling advertisers products or services through websites registered to the partners program.


Product Details

A shopping cart solution with a customizable editor, checkout form pop ups, a sales funnel builder, and more.

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Online Entrepreneurs selling digital products (software, information, ebooks, memberships) , physical goods or services.

PayKickstart Pricing Overview

PayKickstart pricing starts at $99.00 per month. They do not have a free version. PayKickstart offers a free trial.

Founded in 2015
Located in United States


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JVZoo is for the makers of digital products as well as affiliate marketers who are looking to promote these products on their websites and blogs. There are many other digital marketplaces on the internet today, but I really like JVZoo.

You might need to sort through their products to find a good one, but there are some really great products available on JVZoo. You will be sure to find something that would do well within you niche.

Would I recommend JVZoo to you? Yes, I would.

As internet marketers, we have many choices of products we can promote. With JVZoo, I like that you get paid straight into your PayPal account. I also like the variety of products that are available.

Founded in 2011
Located in United States

Product Details

JVZoo is a popular network for affiliate marketers to find high-paying digital products. They bring together affiliate marketers and product creators. The typically downloadable products include plugins, themes, software applications, training, membership programs, templates, fonts etc. Anything that can be sold and delivered immediately to you over the Internet. There is a large concentration of Internet Marketing and Make Money Online (MMO) products.


High-quality content, credibility, regularity and an engaged community are key factors that influence the effects of cooperation with an affiliate network. Networks are a good alternative, among others for bloggers who do not get proposals for cooperation with brands and want to take matters into their own hands and start making money on their website. Not many people use this solution in several countries, but this number will definitely increase.


Best For

In every case, you must look for the participation conditions, as each travel affiliate maintains different requirements for its participants.

There are many ways to make money:


  • Running a travel-related website or blog;

  • Doing SEO or being good at SMM;   

  • Using email marketing;   

  • Having skills in traffic arbitrage.   

Apart from those, people with no websites can buy ads in travel-related forums or in CPC programs and display their affiliate links there to make a profit.

Even travellers can cut the costs of their trips by using their personal affiliate links. In addition, by sharing with friends they can get commissions.

Be attentive to the networks’ rules, as some traffic types are forbidden. Most of the time, the use of iFrame, pop-unders, pop-ups, click-unders and toolbars is prohibited. Also, all the programs forbid contextual advertisements on their brand in Google Ads and other contextual networks.

Travelpayouts have collected some of the top travel affiliate programs in every niche – flights, hotels, car rentals and so on.

Would I recommend Travelpayouts to you? Yes, I would.

Here’s the big question. Should you join the TravelPayouts.com Travel Affiliate Program? They are on multiple networks and anyone can sign up and have instant access.

They offer some really cool tools like the white labeling, the maps and the widgets and actually give this one a shot.

The TravelPayouts.com Affiliate Program offers a ton of awesome tools, which are better than others similar programs. I think this is one that if you have a fit for them, go for it. If you don’t then don’t worry about it, because the tools are really cool and simple to use.

Founded in 2013
Located in Thailand, China

Product Details

Travelpayouts is the largest travel affiliate network in the world, which unites 240,000+ publishers and over 60 advertisers. Travelpayouts is a platform where advertisers can generate sales and webmasters can earn commissions from each sale.

Would I recommend PayKickstart to you? Yes, I would.

PayKickStart is clearly a very capable shopping cart platform with a ton of bells and whistles.

For me personally, that being said, if you’re looking for something a little more advanced at a great price point, and you don’t mind a steeper learning curve, PayKickStart may fit the bill perfectly.


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Solutions for publishers: content creators, influencers, website owners and technology partners can create profitable partnerships with our portfolio of the world's best known brands across multiple sectors.

Marketing solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers around the world.

Would I recommend Awin to you? Yes, I would.

Awin is a well established affiliate network, with thousands of affiliate programs to choose from – they continue to grow year on year. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, they’re definitely one that you should check out.

With extensive tools and so many niches to look into, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Awin can offer to you something different on affiliate market.

Check out Awin.

Founded in 2010
Located in Germany

Product Details

Part of the Axel Springer and United Internet Groups, Awin is a global affiliate network. With ShareASale, the Awin group is comprised of 15 offices worldwide, 1,000 employees, 100,000 contributing publishers and 15,500 advertisers, connecting customers with brands in over 180 countries around the globe. Operating across the retail, telecommunications, travel and finance verticals.


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Those who are willing to work with an affiliate networks are called publishers. Publisher’s job is to promote chosen campaigns in any possible way they can think of. The opportunities are limitless, just like your imagination! MyLead offers about 2000 campaigns from over 15 categories so that everyone will have something they feel comfortable in sharing and promoting and the prospect of finding the perfect target audience is as high as possible.

The possibilities are limitless. You can promote your chosen affiliate programs on any website you can think of. It can be your blog, fanpages on social media platforms or dedicated forums. You can create posts with explanation or storytelling, why you promote chosen products or services, or simply put your personalized links, wherever you want.

Would I recommend MyLead to you? Yes, I would.

As internet marketers, we have many choices of products we can promote. With JVZoo, I like that you get paid straight into your PayPal account. I also like the variety of products that are available.

Founded in 2014
Located in Poland

Product Details

In MyLead affiliate network, you can earn without leaving home. It is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of partner programs. You do not have to invest money or have any special skills.

MyLead is an affiliate marketing platform that helps to gain new clients for the largest companies from around the world. Generate profit with us every day.