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Take advantage of affiliate networks and trusted innovative partner programs, appreciated by the largest industry portals and profit from objectively the best. Monetize your website much more effectively, see real profits and use your affiliation to earn money.


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1. Choose one of the affiliate networks, affiliate programs or partner programs, Create an account that is (and always will be) absolutely free.

2. Then get access to all profit generating tools. Evaluate available programs, start promotion from the one corresponding to your content. You can choose among dozens of different categories.

3. Remember to use your unique affiliate link, so if it is not prepared for you, then generate it. Use it at will. Your pay depends on the product / service you promote thanks to it.

4. Start your promotion of affiliate or partner programs products or services. You can promote them on your own websites, for example on your own blog, as well as on social media, for example on Facebook groups or on Internet forums. The path of promotion depends entirely on your idea.

5. You can conveniently withdraw money earned at any time to a bank account or one of the popular online wallets. You can also withdraw your money in the form of bitcoin. Your pay will be sent as soon as possible in to your account.

Congratulations, you can receive money without leaving home!

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You too can be part of this market! If you publish content on the Internet, you are already a publisher, which puts you in a better position to earn online, monetize traffic on your website (advertising space) as the future affiliate, as future partner to earn a commission for recommending products or services to your friends or your readers.

If choose wisely you can earn money online!


Since the late 90s digital affiliate marketing has grown to a big industry, in 2016 US-based retailers have spent $4.7 billion on affiliate marketing. According to estimates by 2021 the affiliate marketing industry will grow to $6.8 billion. Not surprisingly, given the size of the sector, there are a lot of different affiliate marketing companies operating in various market segments.


Here’s How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog in a few Steps:

Step 1: Decide which content you want to publish or post (hobby, interest, or surprise visitors completely)

Step 2: Create a website or a blog

The first and second steps may be interchangeable, because you may already have a website or blog, but just from now you want start earn money on them.

Step 3: Decide what products you want to place on your sales area or place products which you already have.

Step 4: Sign Up on Affiliate Program, it helps ;)

Step 5: Find program(s) with products which are relevant to your audience?

Step 6: Create content, write posts, resource pages or emails and use your affiliate link (dont spam)

Of course, you propably done this before, because if you owned your website, you already created content, wrote posts, created resource pages or sent emails, it's only now you can add an affiliate link to it all, which if it ends with a purchase by your customer then you will get a commission for it.

Step 7: Optimize the page

Step 8: Publish it online and track your rankings in Google


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The advertiser pays only for the effect achieved, and not for switching to his website. His company is growing thanks to you, there are more users and more customers who willingly shop on his portal. He doesn't burn his money into standard non-profit advertising. Instead, you provide him with high-quality traffic for which you receive money. This is a great situation.

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YOU  -  become a publisher

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By becoming a publisher, a smile on your face will appear next to every dollar that appears on your account, and your appetite grows as you eat. The advertiser will reward you for every customer you acquire or for a new order that has appeared thanks to you. Become a publisher who downloads an additional monthly payment from the Internet.


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Customers are satisfied because they receive exactly the product or service they expected. They didn't have to look for it - thanks to you they had it at hand. Thanks to you, they watched their favorite movie, bought the discounted product they needed. For example, they also had the opportunity to generate a valuable coupon for a well-known discount store or downloaded a mobile application, thanks to which they chose the right solution for their trip. That's your merit.